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Motorcycle Levers

Wemoto stocks levers for many Japanese, European, American and Chinese models. Most motorcycle levers are aluminium, and may be chrome coloured or black powdercoated. Padded motorcycle lever sleeves prevent ‘white finger’ by reducing the effects of vibration, while also adding grip in wet weather.

Motorcycle levers are often designed with a notch at about two-thirds of their length. That means if, as in most cases, the lever bears the brunt of a machine falling over, the lever will break, but still be long enough to be functional until you replace it.

Alternatively, some motorcycle levers are designed with a hinge, allowing the lever to fold to reduce the risk of breakage.

Scooter lever

Wemoto also stock a variety of scooter levers for many models including Yamaha, Piaggio, Peugeot and more.

A scooter lever may be plain or adjustable – adjustable levers feature a dial to adjust the position of the lever to that which is most comfortable for the rider. In some cases where the original lever is plain, Wemoto may also list an adjustable upgrade.

Front brake lever. Rear brake controller

On motorcycles, the clutch lever is on the left and the front brake lever is on the right, with the rear brake as a foot pedal along with the gear change and kick starter pedals. Scooters instead have the rear brake lever on the handlebars in place of the clutch lever. The front brake lever is in the same place as on a motorcycle.

Levers are model specific and can be found using the menus above or to the right to find your bike. A number of universal levers are also stocked and clutch perches may be available.

Wemoto also stocks brake and clutch mastercylinders, each sold as one unit including the motorcycle or scooter lever.