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Motorcycle starter motor, spark plugs and regulator/rectifier

Most electrical components are model-specific: use the menus above or search to the right to find your bike.

Wemoto lists key components of motorcycle and scooter starting systems including:

  • Ignition Switches
  • Starter Motors
  • Starter Solenoids
  • Starter Relays
  • Battery

Damage to the ignition switch, solenoid or battery can prevent the starter motor from receiving power. A rapid 'clicking' noise from the solenoid may indicate a battery with too little charge for the high current demands of the motorcycle starter motor. A loud scraping or grinding noise may indicate starter motor wear or damage.

It is very common for the motorcycle starter motor plate or brushes to short, or for starter solenoids (starter relays) to 'burn out', long before the starter motor has reached the end of its life cycle. This is particularly the case for some Yamaha and Aprilia 50 amp relays which were notorious for burning out, for which Wemoto offers 100-150 amp upgrades.

Motorcycle spark plugs

Spark plugs are an essential part of the ignition system, which includes:

  • Ignition Coils
  • HT leads and spark plug caps
  • Spark Plugs

Wemoto stocks thousands of high-quality motorcycle spark plugs, which ensure maximum power, with minimum fuel consumption and emissions.

Standard NGK motorcycle spark plugs feature a copper core, which has excellent heat-dissipation properties to prevent pre-ignition. NGK Iridium motorcycle spark plugs are an upgrade, with a super-fine iridium core maximising performance in starting, idling and throttle response.

Motorcycle regulator/rectifier

Faulty charging components, such as the motorcycle regulator/rectifier can damage the battery, or other electrical components. So when electrical problems are suspected it is of great importance to test the entire charging system.

A motorcycle regulator/rectifier has two functions: it regulates the voltage, ensuring that other electrical components are not damaged, while the rectifier changes the AC current to DC for the battery to store. The regulator and rectifier may be installed as separate units on some models, or as one regulator rectifier on others.