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Rieju RRX 50 Spike (Spoke Wheel) (50cc) 06-08 Cadena DID Grado Estándar - Gold & Black [AA9214]

La siguiente imagen muestra una Cadena DID Grado Estándar - Gold & Black. Miles de recambios de calidad superior que figuran en nuestra página web a precios realmente bajos.

Rieju RRX 50 Spike (Spoke Wheel) (50cc) 06-08 Cadena DID Grado Estándar - Gold & Black
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DID Standard Chain

Although DID S Standard chain represents DID's simplest grade of chain, it still features the finely tuned engineering and high-quality control that DID is so well known for, using the latest in Japanese chain technology.

The bushing on a chain is important for impact and wear resistance, and helps to absorb the shock from the rollers rather than directly transmitting it to the pins. By using rigid, seamless, solid bushes, instead of curled bushes that other manufacturers use, the wear life of a DID Standard chain can be 1.2 to 4 times the life of a chain using curled bushings.

All DID chains are made in Japan.

Pin Length Roller Diameter Plate Thickness Weight Tensile Strength Colour
14.75mm 7.77mm 1.5mm 0.7kg per 100 links 17.70KN Gold and Black

If the original equipment chain was an O-Ring or X-Ring chain, it must not be replaced with a standard chain. It must be replaced with a sealed chain of equal or greater strength.

For more information about transmission chains, take a look at our Chain Maintenance Guide or our Chain Dimensions Guide

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Cadena DID Grado Estándar - Gold & Black [AA9214]
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