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Kawasaki ZX-6R (ZX 600 F1) 95 Latiguillo Delantero Hidráulico HEL - Montaje Race [AB3633]

La siguiente imagen muestra una Latiguillo Delantero Hidráulico HEL - Montaje Race. Miles de recambios de calidad superior que figuran en nuestra página web a precios realmente bajos.

Kawasaki ZX-6R (ZX 600 F1) 95 Latiguillo Delantero Hidráulico HEL - Montaje Race
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HEL: What's stopping you?

Lifetime warranty
The great quality components and build of a HEL brake hose means that HEL can offer a life time warranty with all brake hose kits.

Hel Braided Brake Hoses: Front Race Set Up

The race set up has a separate line from the master cylinder to each caliper. Many people find this system easier to bleed than an over-the-mudguard setup, as in an over-the-mudguard setup air bubbles can get caught in the arc of the shorter hose. (See comparison of setups below).
Race hoses are required for race days where over-the-mudguard setups are banned.

Comparison of Brake Line Setups

Brake Hose: Single Line Set Up Brake Hose: Double Line, Race Set Up Brake Hose: Double Line, Over Mudguard Set Up Brake Hose, 3 Line Set Up Brake Hose, 4 Line Set Up Brake Hose, 5 Line Set Up
Single Line Double Line
Race Set-Up
Double Line
Over Mudguard
3 Lines
OEM Twin Disc
4 Lines
OEM plus Link Hose
5 Lines
Anti Dive

What's in a Hel Race Set Up Brake Line Kit?

  • Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Stainless Steel Banjo Bolts
  • Copper Crush Washers
  • Fitting Guide
  • Personal Lifetime Warranty Number

Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses

All HEL hoses are made from braided stainless steel - this prevents distortion of the hose thereby increasing the efficiency of braking compared to a rubber hose. HEL also use stainless steel for all fittings. Both the hose and the fitting can be ordered either plain or in bright, vivid colour.


HEL hoses are proven time and time again both in the lab and on the race track.

Manufactured in the UK, HEL pass all requirements of FMVSS-106; strict testing criteria that all hoses must pass to be legally used on the road. These standards are then used by: DOT and NHSTA (USA), TUV (Germany), ADR (Australia), LTSA (New Zealand), IDR (Israel), and MOT (Europe). Having passed these requirements with flying colours, HEL Performance brake lines can be used anywhere in the world.

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Todos los precios se encuentran en Euro (EUR) e incluyen el IVA en 21% donde sea aplicable. IVA se deducirá de la caja de bienes suministrados fuera de la Unión Europea.


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Latiguillo Delantero Hidráulico HEL - Montaje Race [AB3633]
Latiguillo: Banjo:
 83.87 Information Información de la pieza

For Hoses requiring special fittings the banjos can only be supplied in silver.
Made to order usually 24 hours to manufacture
Two lines in a Kit
Supplied with black heat shrink over the end of the hose

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